Hosting Packages

£299pa Domain
Web Space 100 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Visitor Stats
Email Accounts 20 std 50 std
5 email +
Email Forwarders 20 50
MySQL Database

Hosting Features Explained

Web Space
This is the amount of storage space you will have to store the files that make your website.

With unlimited bandwidth, there are no unexpected costs or impact to your website, no matter how popular it becomes.

Visitor Stats
See how many people are visiting your website, and what content they are looking at with our Visitor Stats.

Email Forwarders
This is when we forward email to another account, so can be forwarded to

MySQL Database
MySQL Databases are used to hold dynamic content such as Blogs, Content Management Systems and E-Commerce Sites.

Email Accounts

Std Email
£5 one off fee
Email +
Email Pro
Mailbox Space 100 MB 1 GB 5 GB
Outlook Web Access
Pop & IMAP
Control Panel
SMTP Server
Anti Virus
Spam Filter
MS Outlook
MS Exchange Server

Email Features Explained

Mailbox Space
This is how much storage is available for your e-mails.

Outlook Web Access
Use MS Outlook on the internet to read, compose and send your e-mails.

Pop & IMAP
These are how your software such as Outlook, or your Mobile Phone download and read your e-mails.

Control Panel
Manage your passwords and spam filters for each of your mailboxes with your own control panel.

SMTP Server
Perfect if you're on the move a lot, now you can send e-mails through your own server no matter where you're connected to the internet.

MS Exchange Server
All of your devices, computer, mobile, laptop all connect to one mailbox on a central server. This allows you to have full access to all of your emails wherever your are.

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