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So you've got a great new product, or you're having an open evening and you want to tell all of your customers about this amazing oportunity. One way is to send them all an e-mail, and your probably thinking let's make it a bit more interesting with pictures and a splash of HTML (it's a techie thing)

This is only half the battle. Once your polished email has hit the internet highway... how do you know who reads it, and who moves it straight to their recycle bin? That's where we come in!

Spend when you Send with Shed Loads

In keeping with our "See Through" price policy, our Shed Load service is no different. For £35, gives you access to all of the features listed below. Once your logged in you will have 5 basic templates to choose from, create your mail and then you're ready to send. You will only pay per mailshot, so when you're not sending .... you're not spending!

If you would like something specific, we can design and create your very own template for an additional fee of £70.

List management made simple

Shed Loads automatically handles all new signups, unsubscribe requests, bouncing email addresses and even sorts spam complaints for you. Inspired Mail handles the dreary side of managing your email list so you can focus on the fun part of creating your e-mail campaigns.

Email campaigns - anyone can build them

Choose a templates and watch as the live email editor shows how your email will look as you customise it. Add your own text and images, and change the order that items appear and by the time you're done, you'll have a great looking email and no-one will guess you used a template.

See the results of your campaigns

For every (email) campaign you send, we provide a set of real time reports that give you the ability to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns accurately - including opens, clicks and any related social media activity, what more could you ask for.

Pay as you go

Our simple pricing and online payment lets you work out how much your campaign will cost before you start. One off £35 gives you access to the service. Then it's just £5 for each campaign + 1p for every email address you send it to.

Still looking for something?

Stuff about us

The original concept of Blue Shed Creativity was to offer something a little bit different... and we do! We provide a growing number of tools for people and business. Where do most people keep tools? Often in a shed and ours just happens to be blue!