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There is no denying that social media is well and truly here to stay. In just a few short years it's changed the way we communicate with each other and introduced the concept of "inbound marketing" as social networkers sign up to receive notifications on topics they might be interested in. So the question is, how can you use this to your advantage?

The answer is you use it to get your name out there, introduce your products, provide free information & advice, announce promotions and events - in short you use it like your own personal soap box, and we'll be delighted to help you step up & start shouting,

Like, Tweet and + 1

Unless you've been browsing the web with your eyes shut you would have seen the little buttons. These are the social networking like buttons and if you can persuade your visitors to click on them it will add your content to their social network page - sharing your content with their friends and followers. As well as spreading the work among friends and family, this adds something called a "backlink". A backlink is just like anyother hyperlink - it directs people to your site if they click on it but the more backlinks you have, the more important the search engines will think you are more important, and that can lead to higher ranking.

Facebook Pages

Facebook business pages work just like your personal Facebook profile. They allow you to update your facebook buddies with your news, and if they "Like" your page, they'll automatically recieve updates when you post them. Just like your personal profile Facebook Business Pages are FREE.
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Unlike Facebook, Twitter does not have a business page, but anyone can use it - and many people use it to promote their business and stay in touch with their customers. Twitter's compact 140 character limit makes it ideal for quick updates, customer queries and customer care.
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Google Plus

The new kid on the block offers a similar business page style to Facebook but also allows you group your followers / customers and share certain updates with certain groups so it's easier to target your updates and prevent "friends" getting swamped with information they simply aren't intersted in. Another great little feature is "Google Hangouts" which let you video conference with up to 9 people at the same time - FREE!
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The original concept of Blue Shed Creativity was to offer something a little bit different... and we do! We provide a growing number of tools for people and business. Where do most people keep tools? Often in a shed and ours just happens to be blue!